Human resources consulting

Human resources consulting

Considering that the human element is the basis for the development and renaissance of society, and therefore the human cadres are the main engine for the progress of any work environment, so we set out and paved our way towards supporting and assisting companies in their development. Administrative system and human resources through preparation and development

The necessary infrastructure for managing human resources, which represents an important wealth for any entity seeking development. including human resources consulting services, rebuilding the organizational structure,

management of competencies and talents, This is as follows:

Setting a vision for the human resources management and operation system in addition to the documentary cycle and the method and path of the flow of operations, taking into account the strategic objectives of the organization.

  • Preparing job description cards for all employees of the organization. Determine job requirements for each job. In addition to defining the responsibilities, powers and performance effects of each job.
  • Preparing a system for recruiting human competencies and selecting and appointing new employees.
  • Preparing a system for periodic evaluation of employees and defining evaluation mechanisms
  • Preparing a list of fines and penalties